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1970 Indy 500

1970 Race Statistics
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    March 28, 1970 - Art formed his own team, and qualified the #10 Pollard Car Wash Gerhardt Offy in the 7th starting spot for the Phoenix 150. Art spun on lap 105 and the turbocharger dumped. However he did get 30 points and $1,200.00 for his 11th place finish. Al Unser won the race.

    April 26, 1970 - Pollard Car Wash Systems was on two cars this week at Trenton. Greg Weld drove the #93 Pollard Car Wash Gerhardt Offy while Art raced the #10 Pollard Car Wash King Offy. However mechanical demons plagued both cars. Weld started 10th and finished 18th with a blown motor. Art started 12th and finished 21st with ignition problems after only 22 laps. Art & Greg were each awarded $1,005.00 and Lloyd Ruby won the race.

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    May 30, 1970 - Two Pollard Car Wash race cars again at Indy, unfortunately the mechanical demons came with them from Trenton. Greg Weld again drove the #93 Pollard Car Wash Gerhardt Offy (shown above) and Art raced the #10 Pollard Car Wash King Offy (shown below). On opening day (May 1) Pollard was in a three-way battle to win the "First on the track" honors with Rick Muther and John Cannon. It looked like Pollard was going to win the race out of the pits and on to the track, but the engine stalled as he was pulling out and Rick Muther won the honors. Art qualified his car very well, starting on the outside of row 2 in 6th, and Weld started 28th. In the race itself, Greg went 12 laps and Art lasted only 28 laps before broken pistons sidelined both of the cars. Art was credited with 30th and Weld 32nd. They each won $14,002.00 and Al Unser won his first of four Indy 500 crowns.

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    June 7, 1970 - Only a one car effort at the Milwaukee Mile. Art qualified the #10 Pollard Car Wash King Offy 12th and finished 18th after an oil leak forced him out after 119 laps. Art won $1,195.00 and Joe Leonard won the race.

    USAC Stocks Info Needed Please!
    Photo courtesy of Mike Pollard

    1970 - Art also did some USAC Stack car racing in 1970. Art ran 8 races, with a 2nd and 6th being his best runs. He earned 609.5 points and $4688 in prize money, and ended up 24th in the points. The Art Pollard Car Wash Camaro #32 (shown above) was owned by Race-Go, Inc. out of Indianapolis. Art's second place finish was at Sears Point, and his sixth place finish happened at Kaukana, Wisconsin on the 1/2 mile.

    June 28, 1970 - Castle Rock was the only roadcourse on the championship trail in 1970. Art qualified the #21 Pollard Car Wash Vollstedt Offy 20th, ran 2 laps, overheated and finished 20th. Art won $1,004.00. Mario Andretti edged out Swede Savage for the win.

    July 4, 1970 - Art drove for George Walther again in the #77 Walther's Tyrone Morris Ford. Art started 15th and finished 17th after he blew a right rear tire after 50 laps around Michigan's D-shaped oval. Mario Andretti and Al Unser also blew right rears that day. Art won $885.00 and Gary Bettenhausen won the race.

    August 23, 1970 - Art drove the #77 Walther's Tyrone Morris Ford again this week. This time with a much better outcome. Art qualified 10th and finished the race 11th, 29 laps down to winner Al Unser, who coasted across the finish line out of fuel. Art won 40 championship points and $1,444.00.

    At the beautiful new OMS
    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

    September 6, 1970 - At the beautiful new Ontario Motor Speedway for the running of the Inaugural California 500. (This was the event where I first heard the name Art Pollard as a nine year old kid.) This was a race that seemed nobody would win. Indy 500 winner Al Unser had a commanding lead when his transmission dumped with 14 laps remaining. Stock car ace, LeeRoy Yarbrough inherited the lead for 5 laps until his engine blew. Art took over the lead in his #64 Quick-Kick Scorpion (shown above, but had a tire going down. Jim McElreath took the lead from Art with 5 laps to go and won the event. Art finished 2nd and received 800 points and a career high $73,500.00.

    2nd place at the beautiful new OMS
    Photo from the 1971 CAL 500 Program

    October 3, 1970 - In the Trenton 300, Art qualified the #77 Walther's Tyrone Morris Ford 9th and was running in the 6th position when the race was red flagged due to rain. Art won 240 points and $2,778.00. Al Unser won the race.

    November 21, 1970 - In a race televised live on ABC's Wide World of Sports, Art started the #77 Walther's Tyrone Morris Ford in the 15th spot but finished in the 24th and last place due to a dropped valve after only 30 laps. Swede Savage won his only Indy Car race on this day. Art was awarded $942.00 in prize money and finished 8th in the USAC Championship points standings.

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