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Facts & Favorites
Artle Lee Pollard Jr. in 1928
Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

Art Pollard
    Birthdate - May 5, 1927.

    Full Name - Artle Lee Pollard, Jr.

    Parents - Artle Lee Pollard Sr. & Bobbie Pollard.

    Place of Birth - Dragon, Utah which became a ghost town shortly after his birth.

    The Pollard Family circa 1930
    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

    Siblings - A sister, Christine, 3 years older and a brother Robert, 3 years younger (shown in a 1930 photo above).

    1937 Delano, CA.
    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

    Grew Up In - Art moved from Dragon, Utah while still an infant, to Delano, CA.(shown above in a 1937 photo with sis Christine, his Mom, and little brother Robert), Shafter, CA., Bakersfield, CA., and Los Angeles, CA., prior moving to Roseburg, Oregon in 1944 (shown above in 1944 & below in 1945), where he completed High School.

    Art at age 16
    Photo courtesy of Mike Pollard

    Nickname - Pachuko: When he lived in LA he combed and cut his hair in order to have the "duck tail" hair style in the back. The name originated from the Mexican's of the day who wore the tight cuffed pants at the bottom. Anyhow the hair style and the fact he was from LA when the family moved to Roseburg resulted in the Roseburg High School kids giving him the nick-name.

    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

    School Activities - Art was outstanding in both basketball and football on the Roseburg High School teams.

    Art & Claudine in 1946
    Photo courtesy of Mike Pollard

    Spouse - Art married Claudine on April 10, 1946.

    Serving his country
    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

    Military - Art served in the U.S. NAVY (shown above in 1946) and thoroughly enjoyed visiting U.S. troops during a USAC goodwill tour of Vietnam in 1971. He considered it a privilege to go over and talk with them and encourage them.

    The Pollard Family in 1966
    Photo courtesy of Mike Pollard

    Children - Michael & Judy (shown above in 1966 with Mom & Dad).

    First Race - 10 Outboard Hydroplanes down the Umpqua River in north Roseburg.

    First Car
    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

    First Car - 1940 Oldsmobile, blue (shown above in 1966 with little brother Bob), which he also removed all the chrome trim and leaded in all the holes.

    First Auto Race - Micro Midgets indoors at the Roseburg Fairgrounds.

    A work of Art
    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

    Interests - Prior to racing cars Art also had an interest in remodeling cars such as the 1948 Chevrolet (shown above), which had all the chrome ornaments removed and the holes were leaded in to create a smooth looking finish on the car. The car was a medium to dark blue, which does not show up in the picture since color pictures taken in the late forties do not weather so well over time, they fade and change colors, usually yellowing. Most of the yellowing has been removed. Art also enjoyed family campouts and was an excellent water skiier

    Favorite Music - When he lived in LA (1941-1944) he liked "Boogie Woogie" and later was part of the 40's and 50's crowd. Later he also enjoyed Big Bands, Jazz and he also enjoyed The Carpenters.

    Favorite Food - Mexican.

    Favorite Actor - Jack Lemmon

    First Indy Car Race - August 22, 1965 - Art Pollard competes in his first USAC Champ car race at Milwaukee in a rear engined Vollstedt with Offenhauser power owned by Jim Robbins. Art started 25th but spun out and was credited with 22nd position.

    Money Won in First Indy Car Race - $186.00

    First Indy 500 - Art attempted in 1966 but was bumped from the lineup. Returned in 1967 to start the Thermo-King #16 Gerhardt-Offy in 13th and finished 8th.

    Most Controversial Race Car - The STP Lotus Turbine #20 in 1968 for Andy Granatelli.

    Superstitions - Unlike many drivers, Art was not superstitious. He was more of a "take one day at a time," sort of person.

    First Indy Car Victory - June 8, 1969 at Milwaukee driving in the #57 STP Gerhardt Offy.

    Money Won for First Indy Car Victory - $17,362.00

    Biggest Racing Payday - $73,500.00 for second place in the 1970 California 500 at Ontario Motor Speedway.

    Height - 5 foot 11 and 1/2 inches tall.

    Weight - 195 lbs.

    Number of Indy 500 Art Competed In - 5 (He qualified in the field for six, but broke his leg in a post qualifying accident in 1972 and was unable to race.)

    Best Indy 500 Starting Position - 6th starting spot in 1970.

    Best Indy 500 Finish - 8th place in 1967.

    Art Lee Pollard
    Photo courtesy of Bob Pollard

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